Driven hunt in Latvia:

• The optimal time for hunting- 01.10.- 31.01
• Length 2 days of hunting
• Minimal group of 7 hunters (possibility of smaller group at extra cost)
• Place ~20km ~70km from Riga
• Hunting time of day approx. 9:00-16:00
• Average temperature +2 - -15oC
• Hunting type-sitting and waiting in hunting towers or hiding spots, drive occurs with dogs
• Transportation to hunting location by jeep
• Approximate costs per full day (costs shown without VAT):

Total 1500 € per person per day

Included in the price- transportation to/from airport, pre-treatment of game (skinning, pre-treatment of trophy), accommodation and eating, hunting guide, organization of driven hunt.
• Additional costs:
Flight tickets, alcoholic beverages, other extras (sauna etc.), preparation of trophy for dispatch and delivery of trophy, alcoholic beverages, hunting license for hunting in

Latvia-seasonalcard 20 €, hunting permit for overseas citizens 150 € .

• Possible arms if necessary:
300 WinchesterMagnum
30-06 Winchester
243 Winchester
Optics (Zeis, Svarovski, Doktor, Leopold, Yukon)
• Possibility of importation of own weapon with Euro weapons policy (weapon + policy).
• Cost of game:
No additional cost of game
• Possible game according to hunting season:
Wild boar, elk, fox, racoon dog, wolf, lynx, beaver, roe deer, rabbit
• To receive your hunting permit please provide these documents in advance via e-mail:
1. Copy of Passport
2. Copy of hunting license
3. Copy of weapon permit, not needed if not intending to bring your own weapon
• Agreement with “Nemora”
• For any further details please contact us.

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